C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation
95 South Market Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA, 95113

Tel: (408) 995-3224
Fax: (408) 890-4645

C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation handles complex tax matters from tax aspects of corporate transactions, to international tax planning, estate and gift tax issues, the taxation of trusts and estates, and other transactional tax matters.  In addition, the firm prepares corporate tax returns, including C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, and Trusts.

The firm has a wide range of experience in transactional tax matters, including:
  • Setup and Tax Aspects of New Businesses
  • Parent-Subsidiary and Other Group Businesses
  • International Tax Planning
  • Partnership/LLC Taxation
  • Taxation of Trusts and Estates
  • Gift Tax and Inheritance Tax Issues
  • Equity Based Compensation Stock Tax Issues
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation
The firm has the ability to form your business and advise on tax issues, prepare corporate tax returns, issue stock and other equity based compensation, develop international tax structures with transfer pricing, advise on estate and gift tax issues and other tax issues as well.