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Whether you are suing someone or being sued, our firm will represent you in your legal battle in court.  There are unique advantages and disadvantages of bringing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit in California superior courts, and the firm evaluates which forum or approach to take to quickly and effectively resolve your dispute.    

State court offers unique advantages over federal court for brining lawsuits in the fields of plaintiff jury trials, enforcement of judgments by the sheriff’s civil enforcement bureau, and post judgment interest of 10% on civil judgments.  State court offers defendants unique advantages in that the lawsuit process is usually slower than federal court, giving time to develop a strategy in providing a winning defense.

C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation handles state court civil litigation from developing a winning strategy before or during your case, evaluating the need for mediation or arbitration, transfer of your case to a more favorable jurisdiction via removal, civil motions needed to prepare for trial or dispose of the case, and, when necessary, trial.  In addition, the firm handles appeals of adverse decisions.