C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation
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San Jose, CA, 95113

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C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation routinely helps entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, established businesses, small venture organizations with their corporate and business law needs.  From starting a business, hiring employees, developing an efficient tax structure, to merging with other entities, changing business form, creating parent-subsidiary structures, the firm serves as general business counsel to many businesses on a daily basis.  The firm can provide assistance with:
  • Determination of Most Tax-Efficient Business Entity To Form
  • Formation of C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, Non-Profits and Trusts
  • Delaware Corporations with California Foreign Qualifications
  • Articles, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Board Resolutions
  • Special Profit and Loss Tax Sharing Agreements in LLCs and Partnerships
  • Employment Agreements And Business Contracts
  • Transfer of Shares, Buyout of Members, Name Changes
  • Conversions, Mergers, and Transfer of Assets Between Business Types
  • Winding Up and Dissolutions
In addition to the above, the firm also specializes brings a unique background in taxes to combine corporate and tax laws to most effectively run your business.  This process includes special allocations in partnership and LLCs, transfer pricing in international business and different kinds of stock options and executive compensation.